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The DSWD FO X achieves Level 2- Maturity, bags PRIME-HRM Bronze Award.

The DSWD FO X received the PRIME-HRM Bronze Award during the “Parangal at Pasasalamat” on September 21, 2021, through a virtual awarding ceremony simultaneously streamed via Zoom and on the Civil Service Commission Regional Office X Official Facebook page.

In line with the commemoration of the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, the said event is the culmination of its month-long celebration, with the theme “Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant Heroes”. The observance highlighted the thrust and priorities of the agency as reflected in the award winners’ office performances.

Among the four (4) award categories underscored during the event, the PRIME-HRM is the one that answers the need to successfully transform the agencies’ HRM systems. Ultimately, the award mirrors the level of excellence for good governance and efficient public service as reflected in the Offices’ competencies and practices.

Pacing with PRIME-HRM

As emphasized in CSC Resolution No. 2100170, promulgated on February 16, 2021, the DSWD FO X bagged the honor to receive such award by virtue of the findings during the onsite assessment by the CSC RO X conducted on October 30-31, 2021 and the validation conducted by the Human Resource Policies and Standards Office (HRPSO).

With the said assessment and evaluation, it was found and confirmed that the agency has met the PRIME-HRM Level 2- Maturity Indicators in the Systems, Practices, and Competences of the four (4) core HRM Systems: (a) Recruitment, Selection, and Placement; (b) Performance Management; (c) Learning and Development; and (d) Rewards and Recognition.

Among the findings also included the continuous compliance of the Office with the Civil Service Law and rules in its implementation of the other HR programs. Its maintenance of HR records was also part of the commended findings.

Along with the award comes other eight (8) privileges including the authority to approve appointments (subject to post-audit); exemption from Section 96 of the 2017 ORAOHRA, as amended; 50% of appointments issued subject to review by the CSC FOs; 20% discount for the HRMO or one (1) Agency Representative on trainings/conferences conducted by the Civil Service Institute; and 20% discount for the HRMO head or one agency representative in CSC ROs’ training sessions and conferences.

The agency was also granted exclusive membership to a pool of learners who can tap into a substantial amount of digital learning resources and other developmental opportunities. This privilege is, however, subject to the guidelines to be issued by the Commission.

Additionally, the DSWD FO X may now announce its projects and projects bureaucracy-wide through the official CSC website. The agency may also reap other benefits as approved by the Commission in the future.
As the CSC further resolved, the DSWD FO X shall also be entitled to key responsibilities as the PRIME-HRM Bronze Awardee.

Among such responsibilities include maintenance of the status under Level 2 and continue to improve on its HRM systems to meet the indicators of the next higher level.
The agency also bears the duty to comply with the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions, as amended, and other Civil Service Law and rules in the issuance of appointments and implementation of other HR actions.

Lastly, DSWD FO X is tasked to maintain a partnership with CSC in providing assistance to other agencies in the development or improvement of HRM systems.
The DSWD FO X Regional Director, Ms. Mari-Flor Dollaga Libang, expresses her utmost gratitude while acknowledging the challenges that come with the honor in receiving this award.

“On behalf of our Secretary Rolando Joselito Bautista, we are grateful that our commitment to meritorious and fair human resource processes is validated and recognized. This PRIME-HRM Bronze Award is owed to my fellow angels in red vest for resiliently serving with utmost integrity and keeping up with necessary development. We pray that by this effort we will be able to inspire those who aspire to join in civil service.”
Onwards with PRIME-HRM

The CSC RO X remains vigilant on the monitoring and evaluation of the extent of compliance with the said responsibilities of the DSWD FO X every three (3) years. Furthermore, CSC FOs will conduct a mid-term review to ensure continuous compliance

The CSC RO X shall monitor and evaluate the extent of compliance with the abovementioned responsibilities every three (3) years.

A mid-term review, however, shall be conducted by the CSC FOs to ensure continuous compliance with the duties and responsibilities. In extreme cases, the Commission may recommend the revocation of the Office’s accreditation if discovered to have “reneged its duties and responsibilities” within the period of accreditation.

In line with this, the CSC Field Office – Misamis Oriental shall extend technical assistance to help ensure incessant improvement of the HRM systems in the DSWD FO X.

As the new HRMD Division Head of the DSWD FO X, Ms. Lois Marie Murillo is thrilled to maintain and surpass what the agency has been achieving over the years in the field of streamlining and maximizing its HR efforts.
“We take this award as a reminder of the essence of our duty in upholding our nation in this time of crisis, and drive us to serve with excellence and competence,” Ms. Murillo says.

Ms. Murillo also acknowledges the efforts and leadership of the Division Chief, Ms. Portia G. Roldan that has been a significant factor in attaining this award along with the Unit Heads —Ms. Christine Z. Leyva: Learning and Development Unit Head, Ms. Hedy S. Perohan: Personnel Administration Unit Head, Ms. Emma F. Zayas: Welfare Unit Head, and Krizia Geneva Kaye D. Singcay: Human Resource Planning and Performance Management Unit.

“Foremost, none of these would have been possible if not because of the enduring support and guidance of our beloved Regional Director, Mari-Flor A. Dollaga-Libang.”

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