For the third quarter of 2015, five (5) children from the Reception and Study Center for Children were finally entrusted to their respective adoptive parents through Inter-country Adoption and Domestic Adoption.

Adoption is defined as a socio-legal process of providing a permanent family to a child whose parents have voluntarily or involuntarily relinquished parental authority over the child.

The entrustment ceremony marked the most memorable moment for the children to finally meet and be united with their dear parents. Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo, Regional Director of DSWD Field Office 10 in her welcome message said, “Your long wait is over now, finally you can embrace with love the child that you have prayed for. You can dispose the parental obligations that you wished to do for a long time. We are very happy that finally our child will have a family that can provide her one-on-one care, a family she can call her own to share happiness, tears and experiences in life that would make her a better person in the future.”

Mr. Karst Kolk , one of the adoptive parents from the Netherlands thanked the RSCC staff and the people of DSWD for taking good care of their adopted daughter even before they met her, He assured the staff that , they will always be there to guide,care and love the child much more than they have valued their daughter.

The Hegedius couple, overwhelmed the moment they got in touch with their adopted twins, consider the day as the most memorable day of their lives as their prayers have been granted with the two adorable girls that will fill their home with happiness.

Presidential Decree No. 603 “The Child and Youth Welfare Code” on the rights of the child states that “Every child has the right to a wholesome family life that will provide him with love, care and understanding, guidance and counseling, and moral and material security.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development which is tasked to provide assistance to interested couples,assist them in complying with the requirements and undergoing the tedious process of adoption.

Written by Faith M. Sabulana/Rosanel D. Pague/Mitzie Santiago, DSWD