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CDD drives a retired educator to be a proactive citizen

“I thought I am already at my retiring and idle days but I was wrong, when KALAHI CIDSS came, I felt, that I’m still young and productive. I became active and physically energized says 70 year old Carmelito K. Go of Barangay Alangilan, Sagay, Camiguin.

Barangay Alangilan is located Southwest in the Island of Camiguin. It is one of the nine barangays in the municipality of Sagay. A coastal barangay, one side is facing in an open sea, while the opposite side is hilly with two big mountains (Mt. Ilihan & Mt. Timpoong).“ Ang among lugar agi-anan ug duolanan gayod sa mga natural nga kalamidad (our community can easily be concluded as vulnerable to any natural calamity)”, says Carmelito.

For the past natural disaster like typhoon and flash floods that happened in the province, Barangay Alangilan was one of the most affected by typhoon. “Kung naay moabot nga mga kalamidad sa among kumonidad, wala gayud kami mabuhat kung dili mang hinahot nga dili naunta mausab ( When fury of nature strikes, nobody is indispensable. If you experienced and became a victim, you always hope not to happen again)”, says Leonilo Pabillore fellow volunteer.

In 2014 Barangay Alangilan was one of the communities identified and prioritized by the seven municipalities under the Yolanda-affected in the Kalahi CIDSS National Community Driven Development Program -Disaster Response Operation Management areas or the KC- NCDDP DROM areas.

Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services – (Kalahi-CIDSS) is a flagship anti-poverty program of the national government that empowers communities to be involved in development through community-driven development approach (CDD). Using this strategy, it empowers ordinary citizens to actively and directly participate in local governance by identifying their own community needs, planning, implementing and monitoring projects to address poverty issues collectively.

The Disaster Response Operation Management (DROM) areas are those municipalities that have been identified as Yolanda-affected areas that will undergo rehabilitation and repair. Thus, their activities were accelerated.

After attending regular meetings, engaging in bayanihan and other Kalahi CIDSS trainings and seminars, Carmelito opened his new horizon in life. “ Sa una akong ginahuna-huna mao ra gayod kung unsaon nako ang pagbuhi sa akong pamilya pinaagi sa gamay nako nga sweldo isip usa ka maestro (back to my previous years my thinking and direction was focused to my family. My concerned is how I could meet the family basic needs out of my meager income),” Carmelito said.

A structural graph has been presented to better understand the process. Role and functions of every volunteer has been clearly defined and explained by KALAHI CIDSS personnel during seminars. Empowerment has been emphasized to the volunteers; “PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT” became a catchword.
“Sa pag sulod sa KALAHI CIDSS sa among barangay wala na gayod mi naglisod ug nagmakuli sa padawat kay nakita namo ang kaayohan nga makuha sa mga tao sa barangay (when KALAHI CIDSS entered in our community we never doubted and we easily accepted it because we saw the benefits that our people in the Barangay can get),” says Barangay Chairman Rogelio D. Zaballero

“Volunteerism is not merely offering up oneself freely to a work, but a sacrifice by offering his time, effort and even resources no matter how it cost,” Chairman Rogelio Zaballero added.

As their identified community sub-project the Concrete Flood Control Structure which on its way to a 100% completion with a project cost of P1,788,637.95 “Nalipay gayod kami sa among barangay tungod sa KALAHI CIDSS nagtinabangay kami tanan pinaagi sa bayanihan sa pag kab-ot sa flood control project, diin dako kaayo ug tabang kanamo labi na ang mga lumulupyo ug mga studante kay dili naman mabaha-an an ang mga panimalay ug ang eskwelahan (We are so happy with our barangay, because of KALAHI-CIDDS we collaborated or helped each other through “Bayanihan” to achieved the flood control project, in which it is really a big help especially to the community particularly the students, because there are no more floods in our residence and schools)”, chairman Zaballero shared.

“As KALAHI CIDSS volunteer, my horizon widened. It gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Life became exciting because I have served people in my least and humble capacity despite of limitations. It is at this stage in my life that I realized that serving other people is a sign of unselfish love. It can give you a legacy as a person. For me, life is more meaningful and fruitful if you become a Good Samaritan. I also realized that happiness lies not on what you have but on how you appreciate of what you have”, Carmelito concluded.

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