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A Woman of Faith

Maricar shares that maybe its God’s way of employing her in a social welfare agency because she has been provided with right intervention to address her pressing situation and she herself underwent psychosocial therapy where she finds total relief. 

Each person may have a story to tell about life, but it is not usual for a woman to share her own personal story in public especially when it talks about family relationships. 

Maricar (not her real name), 45 years old, was married for seventeen years and was blessed with a beautiful daughter who is now nineteen years old.  She once wished of a happy marriage but her dream was a despair.

Just like any ordinary couple, Maricar and her husband started dating each other before they finally decided to tie the knot and enter a married life.  Maricar could still remember how well she was treated by her husband.  A year after they got marriage, she noticed that her husband have become irritable and often gets home drunk.  He would throw things at her and worse, she would sustain physical injuries out of her husband’s violent behavior.  He would punch her face and pull her hair without reason.  Maricar shared that their daughter who was still at high school that time often witnessed her father inflicting physical harm on her.  With the incident, their daughter was greatly affected, especially her studies. 

She further shared that out of fear, she and her daughter would seek refuge from their neighbor.   There was a time when Maricar sustained contusion out of physical maltreatment by her husband, it was their neighbor who offered her shelter for the night and provided her first aid intervention. 

Maricar expressed that what was more painful and humiliating than the pain she sustained from her husband’s abusive behavior was the verbal abuse she received from him; he often called her “Burikat” which made her feel degraded as a wife and as a woman. 

Her husband started into gambling such as playing cards and derby and oftentimes he went home late and drunk.  Maricar kept to herself the abuses done to her by her husband until it was discovered by her family due to the contusions she sustained from battering.   

With her life story, Maricar hopes that she will serve as an inspiration to those who might read her story especially those who are experiencing the same situation as her.

Maricar got the confidence to blotter the incidence of physical maltreatment last 2005 after three (3) years of sustaining the abuse. 

Her neighbor also encouraged her to have it reported to the authorities for record purposes, but even so, she still endured the continuous cruelty of her husband. 

Maricar has learned from her negative experiences.  She has gained people from work who understands her situation whom she shares her difficulties and became her confidant. 

She was assisted by a Social Worker from DSWD to file a blotter on the recent incident of maltreatment and she underwent a medico-legal examination.  The decision of Maricar of not to pursue the filing of case against her husband has been respected, instead her husband was summoned by the Barangay Council for the Protection of Women and Children where both parties signed an agreement.  Since then, Maricar shared that her husband have changed.  She no longer heard degrading words from his mouth and neither inflicted physical violence against her.           

With her battle in life, her faith in God became stronger.  She shared that maybe its God’s way of employing her in a social welfare agency because she has been provided with right interventions to address her pressing situation and she herself underwent a psychosocial therapy where she finds total relief.  Maricar realized that it is really not an exception for anybody to become a victim of domestic violence, and on her part it is far apart from her dream to become one of those women victim of violence.  She was thankful to her family, workmates and friends who untiringly listened to her story and empowered her to stand for her right.       

With her life story, she hopes that she will serve as an inspiration to those who might read her story especially those who are experiencing the same situation as her.  Maricar would like to encourage the women who are victims of domestic violence to come out and not be ashamed of their situation.  Maricar wanted to share this message “Be brave and think of the future of your children.  Act firmly, and seek help from the proper authorities.  Always seek refuge and guidance from God.”

Written by: Faith Sabulana and Rosanel Pague 

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DSWD-10 introduces drug-related prevention programs to Local Government Units for replication

Local Social Welfare and Development Officers and representatives from different local government units in Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, Lanao del Norte, and Misamis Oriental recently commenced their orientation and equipping with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 10 (DSWD-10) on the Family Drug Abuse Prevention Program and the management of Special Drug Education Center last July 11-12, 2019 in Cagayan de Oro City.

To equip service providers on how to prevent drug abuse cases in family settings and in managing drug abuse centers, the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 10 (DSWD-10) trains 27 social welfare and development officers coming from the Local Government Units of Bukidnon, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Occidental, and Misamis Oriental last July 11-12, 2019 in Cagayan de Oro City.

Ms. Delia Maravillosa of DSWD-10 says that the FDAPP and SDEC are two of the social technology projects that the Department is advocating for the adoption and replication of the local government units.

Ms. Delia Maravillosa, Head of the Social Technology Unit of the DSWD-10, introduced to the participants the Family Drug Abuse Prevention Program (FDAPP) and the Special Drug Education Center (SDEC), both social technology projects the Department is advocating for LGU adoption.

The FDAPP creates awareness and educate families on the underlying causes of drug abuse problems and its ill effects, and develop their capacities on parenting and life skills towards the promotion of a drug-free home and community. The FDAPP aims to promote and strengthen the Filipino values which uphold the importance of family ties, and unity and growth.

The SDEC, on the other hand, is in support to Republic Act 9165 also known as the Act instituting the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. It involves the youth in community affairs, and decreases number of youth drug dependents and drug-related crimes in the community. The programs and services in the said drug education center includes self-enrichment, prevention, capability building and skills trainings, literacy program, family counselling, community participation, recreational or socio-cultural activities, spiritual growth, and referral services.

These social technology projects are just two of the many innovative models of Social Welfare and Development interventions the DSWD is advocating to LGUs.

The Department emphasizes its steering role, being responsible in the development and enhancement of customer-driven social protection programs that address the current and emerging issues of the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged individuals, groups or families; the Local Government Units, on the other hand, is responsible in directly implementing social services and programs, including technologies being introduced to them by the DSWD.

The other social technology projects advocated by the Department are the Comprehensive Intervention Against Gender Violence (CIAGV), Psychosocial Care and Support Services for Persons Living with HIV and their Affected Families (PLHIV), Modified Social Stress Model (MSSM), Aruga at Kalinga sa mga Bata sa Barangay, Youth Productivity Services (YPS), Home Care Support Services for Senior Citizens (HCSSSC), Intergenerational Program for Senior Citizens and Children, Sheltered Workshop for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities, Counseling Services for Rehabilitation of Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (CSRPDV), Sharing Computer Access Locally and Abroad (SCALA), and Job Network Services for Perennial Clients of Crisis Intervention Unit of DSWD.

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