CDD drives a retired educator to be a proactive citizen

“I thought I am already at my retiring and idle days but I was wrong, when KALAHI CIDSS came, I felt, that I’m still young and productive. I became active and physically energized says 70 year old Carmelito K. Go of Barangay Alangilan, Sagay, Camiguin.

Barangay Alangilan is located Southwest in the Island of Camiguin. It is one of the nine barangays in the municipality of Sagay. A coastal barangay, one side is facing in an open sea, while the opposite side is hilly with two big mountains (Mt. Ilihan & Mt. Timpoong).“ Ang among lugar agi-anan ug duolanan gayod sa mga natural nga kalamidad (our community can easily be concluded as vulnerable to any natural calamity)”, says Carmelito.

For the past natural disaster like typhoon and flash floods that happened in the province, Barangay Alangilan was one of the most affected by typhoon. “Kung naay moabot nga mga kalamidad sa among kumonidad, wala gayud kami mabuhat kung dili mang hinahot nga dili naunta mausab ( When fury of nature strikes, nobody is indispensable. If you experienced and became a victim, you always hope not to happen again)”, says Leonilo Pabillore fellow volunteer.

In 2014 Barangay Alangilan was one of the communities identified and prioritized by the seven municipalities under the Yolanda-affected in the Kalahi CIDSS National Community Driven Development Program -Disaster Response Operation Management areas or the KC- NCDDP DROM areas.

Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services – (Kalahi-CIDSS) is a flagship anti-poverty program of the national government that empowers communities to be involved in development through community-driven development approach (CDD). Using this strategy, it empowers ordinary citizens to actively and directly participate in local governance by identifying their own community needs, planning, implementing and monitoring projects to address poverty issues collectively.

The Disaster Response Operation Management (DROM) areas are those municipalities that have been identified as Yolanda-affected areas that will undergo rehabilitation and repair. Thus, their activities were accelerated.

After attending regular meetings, engaging in bayanihan and other Kalahi CIDSS trainings and seminars, Carmelito opened his new horizon in life. “ Sa una akong ginahuna-huna mao ra gayod kung unsaon nako ang pagbuhi sa akong pamilya pinaagi sa gamay nako nga sweldo isip usa ka maestro (back to my previous years my thinking and direction was focused to my family. My concerned is how I could meet the family basic needs out of my meager income),” Carmelito said.

A structural graph has been presented to better understand the process. Role and functions of every volunteer has been clearly defined and explained by KALAHI CIDSS personnel during seminars. Empowerment has been emphasized to the volunteers; “PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT” became a catchword.
“Sa pag sulod sa KALAHI CIDSS sa among barangay wala na gayod mi naglisod ug nagmakuli sa padawat kay nakita namo ang kaayohan nga makuha sa mga tao sa barangay (when KALAHI CIDSS entered in our community we never doubted and we easily accepted it because we saw the benefits that our people in the Barangay can get),” says Barangay Chairman Rogelio D. Zaballero

“Volunteerism is not merely offering up oneself freely to a work, but a sacrifice by offering his time, effort and even resources no matter how it cost,” Chairman Rogelio Zaballero added.

As their identified community sub-project the Concrete Flood Control Structure which on its way to a 100% completion with a project cost of P1,788,637.95 “Nalipay gayod kami sa among barangay tungod sa KALAHI CIDSS nagtinabangay kami tanan pinaagi sa bayanihan sa pag kab-ot sa flood control project, diin dako kaayo ug tabang kanamo labi na ang mga lumulupyo ug mga studante kay dili naman mabaha-an an ang mga panimalay ug ang eskwelahan (We are so happy with our barangay, because of KALAHI-CIDDS we collaborated or helped each other through “Bayanihan” to achieved the flood control project, in which it is really a big help especially to the community particularly the students, because there are no more floods in our residence and schools)”, chairman Zaballero shared.

“As KALAHI CIDSS volunteer, my horizon widened. It gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Life became exciting because I have served people in my least and humble capacity despite of limitations. It is at this stage in my life that I realized that serving other people is a sign of unselfish love. It can give you a legacy as a person. For me, life is more meaningful and fruitful if you become a Good Samaritan. I also realized that happiness lies not on what you have but on how you appreciate of what you have”, Carmelito concluded.

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Environmental and Social Safeguards Training for Community Development Workers

Cagayan de Oro — The Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD-X) trained 19 Area Coordinating Teams from the provinces of Bukidnon, Camiguin, Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental on Environmental and Social Safeguards here last August 6-7, 2015.

The training aimed at building and enhancing the competence of the Area Coordinators and staff specifically the engineers and Community Development Officers in providing technical assistance to the community and Municipal Coordinating Teams, Local Government Units, and other stakeholders along safeguards policies, standards, and tools.

The Kalahi CIDSS- National Community Driven Development Program (KC-NCDDP) safeguards the Conflict Affected Areas, Indigenous People (IP’s), Disaster Risk Reduction & Management and Environmental Preservation.

Highlights of the activity were the discussion on KC- NCDDP goals and strategies aligned with the Philippine Plan Strategic Framework in Social Development, Skills in integrating thematic problem analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, How to accomplish the social safeguard tools on Environment and Social Safeguards Checklist (ESSC), Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Project Development, Initial Environmental Examination, Land Acquisition and Resettlement with Rehabilitation Plan.

To date, the program has catered the Disaster Response Operation Management (DROM- Areas) with a total of 92 community sub-projects covering 82 Barangays amounting to P101 Million. While the conflict affected areas under Kalahi CIDSS PAMANA the program has generated a total cost of P51 Million with 33,004 household beneficiaries.

The resource person was Engineer Joyce Palacol, Environmental Safeguards Specialist of National Project Management Office of the DSWD.

Written by: Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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OPAPP conducts PAMANA Assessment in Northern Mindanao

Cagayan de Oro- The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) spearheaded the Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) Assessment here last July 30-31, 2015, specifically the Lanao Core Group. The activity aims to evaluate the PAMANA Projects implemented by partner National Government Agencies. The outcome of the program particularly the impact and learning experiences to the conflict affected communities in Lanao del Norte.

The PAMANA program’s goals were to contribute to lasting peace by first reducing poverty and vulnerability in conflict-affected areas, improve governance, and empower communities and strengthen their capacities to address issues of conflict through activities that promote social cohesion.

The Lanao Core Group is composed of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Department of Agriculture (DA), Philippine National Police (PNP), Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Civil Society Organization (CSO) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

To date, Kalahi CIDSS PAMANA under the DSWD here has generated a total cost of P51 Million with household beneficiaries of 33,004. And has 92.2% physical accomplishment of 2014.

The activity was presided by Musa Sanguila of Pakigdait Inc. an NGO base in Lanao del Norte. Assistant Secretary Howard Cafuguan of Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) was also present on the event.

Written by: Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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A century man grateful to DSWD Social Pension

Cagayan de Oro City — Francisco E. Opalla Sr, a 100 year old of Barangay Lumbia this city, widow with five children experienced financial problem for his medication particularly his maintenance in high blood pressure and rheumatism. He has difficulty in walking and cannot stand for a long time.

After his wife died in 2010, Francisco was accompanied by his younger sister Mamerta Opalla. Since then, her sister is the one who accompanies him, the one preparing his food, medicines and in his scheduled medical checkup. “ Naglisud gayod ko sa pagkamatay sa asawa ni Francisco kay gawas sa akong kaugalingon nga pamilya, gi apil pud sya nako ug atiman kay wala nagayod mobantay niya( when his wife died in 2010, I am a having hard time taking care of him, because I also have my own family to take care of, but since nobody will accompany him, so I volunteered)”, Mamerta said.

When Francisco suffers from high blood pressure and severe arthritis, his doctor advised him to visit the clinic every month and to maintain several medicines. “ nag problema gayod ko sa dihang nag sugod na iyang high blood ug rayuma kay daghan kayo geresita ang doctor sa iya ug dili igo akong kwarta e palit (I am having a problem when he suffers high blood and rheumatism, because his physician prescribed lots of medicines and I do not have enough money to buy)”, Mamerta added.

Republic Act No. 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 was approved; it covers all senior citizens to receive a monthly pension of P500 from DSWD Social Pension. Since it was approved by the President, many Filipinos are benefiting this law, which includes Francisco Opalla.

To date, for this year 2015 the government has allocated P5.962 billion to benefit some 939,609 indigent senior citizens aged 65 and above nationwide.

In 2013, Francisco officially started receiving his DSWD social pension.“ Nagpasalamat gayod ko sa atong Presidente Aquino pinaagi sa DSWD Social Pension nga diin dako kayo ug natabang sa atong mga senior citizens ( I am thankful to our President Aquino through DSWD Social Pension, it really helps a lot to all Senior Citizens)”, Francisco shared.

There are one thousand three hundred forty one senior citizens are receiving their pension regularly in Cagayan de Oro City. “ Malipayon kayo ko, nga ang atong gobyerno nabati ug nasabtan nila ang paningahanglunon sa mga pobre nga filipino, labi nagayod katong gipang abandoner na (I am grateful, that our government feels and understands the needs of all poor Filipinos most especially the indigent senior citizens who mostly neglected or perhaps abandoned, I owe this to DSWD Social Pension)”, Francisco concluded.

Written by Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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Armor from Disaster

Lanao del Norte —Lydia Encabo, a 48 year old plain housewife and a farmer of barangay Kawit Occidental, Kauswagan, a fifth class Municipality in this province, believes in disaster preparedness and that, a disaster resilient community is ready to face manmade disaster like war, where their town is known to be one of the conflict areas in the province.

She used to be passive on any civic or communal activities and gathering. “Ang akong kinaiya sauna dili gayod ko ga apil-apil o gapakabana sa mga kalihokan sa among barangay kay nagatuo ako nga wala lang gihapon kaayohan makuha nako (Before I was so passive that I do not want to get involved in any community activities because I believed that there is nothing positive I could get from it)”, Lydia said.

Most of the people in the community has the same attitude with Lydia, “Sa among lugar, kasagaran batasan sa mga tao parehas gayod kang Lydia, walay pakialam (In our community, many of the villagers have similar attitude towards communities like Lydia, who showed no concern)”, says Basilisa Ruelan, a former Barangay Chairwoman.

In 2011, Barangay Kawit Occidental was hit by the worst flash flood that washed out their houses due to the water overflowing from the river. That made Lydia realizes that there must something to be done in order to protect their life and properties in their barangay. “Tungod sa among experiensya sa 2011 nga grabe nga baha diin gi banlas tanan among mga balay, nahadlok na gayod kami ug dili na namo gusto mahitabo pa ug utro (Because of that sad experienced in 2011, where a huge flood destroyed all our properties, we are now already terrified and we do not want it to happen again)”, Lydia shared.

In 2012, the community began to open their eyes to change when Kalahi CIDSS-PAMANA was presented to their community. Lydia volunteered to lead the community by setting an example to everyone that spending time to community activities is an investment. She personally embraced and conveyed her neighbours the concepts and strategies of KC-PAMANA particularly in driving the community to development because she feels and see the positive impact of the program that truly address poverty and community empowerment.

Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services – (Kalahi-CIDSS) is a flagship anti-poverty program of the national government that empowers communities to be involved in development through community-driven development approach (CDD). Using this strategy, it empowers ordinary citizens to actively and directly participate in local governance by identifying their own community needs, planning, implementing and monitoring projects to address poverty issues collectively.

Through the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach, Lydia encouraged thirty two (32) volunteers to join her crusade in fighting poverty and community concern. “Nakita gayod namo ang sensiridad ug didikasyon ni Lydia modala sa grupo mao siya gayod among napili nga bag-o nga BSPMC chairmen (We feel the sincerity and dedication of Lydia to lead our community, that is why we chose her as our new BSPMC Chair)”, says fellow volunteer Rodelia Bendanellio.

The Kalahi CIDSS Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (KC-PAMANA) is a joint partnership of DSWD and Office of the Presidential Affair for Peace Process (OPAPP). The program also helped the community volunteers strengthen and enhance their knowledge in poverty alleviation to their society, how to protect the environment and disaster preparedness. “Tungod sa Kalahi CIDSS daghan ordinaryong lumolopyo sa among barangay ang nahimo nga mga matarong ug magpakabanaon nga tao sama nalang kang Lydia nga diin nangulo gayod siya sa pagpakita sa among kumonidad sa pagpakabana labi na sa among proyekto nga flood control, diin dako kayo ug tabang. Isa gayod siya ka empowered women (Because of Kalahi CIDSS, many ordinary residents in our Barangay are now becoming responsible and pro-active citizens, just like Lydia where she lead the volunteers in addressing community concerns in particular our sub-project: the flood control which is a big help to us. She is an empowered woman)”, says Venus Lozano, the current barangay chairman of Kawit.

That same year, with the hardship and active cooperation among the community volunteers practicing the so called “Bayanihan”, they completed flood control with a total project cost of P300, 000.00 which benefited the entire community from disaster, particularly flash floods.

“Ang kumunidad nga nagtinabangay makahimo ug lig-on nga panagang sa kalamidad (A community that works together builds a strong armor from disaster)”, Lydia Encabo concluded.

Written by: Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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DILG 10 Supports CDD institutionalization in Northern Mindanao

Cagayan de Oro- the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG-10), being one of the members of the Regional Inter-Agency Advisory Committee (RIAC-10) has issued a regional memo enjoining all Provincial Governors and Municipal Mayors through DILG Provincial and City Directors to support the KALAHI CIDSS- National Community Driven Development Program.

KALAHI- CIDSS Community Driven Development Program (KC-NCDDP) is implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

The program was launched in 2003 with twenty one (21) municipalities being covered in Northern Mindanao. This year the program expanded its coverage with the additional new forty four (44) municipalities, making a total of sixty five (65) LGU’s in the region.

The successful implementation of KC-NCDDP has proven to be effective in addressing poverty incidence and building community empowerment. It also helps enhance local governance which warrants transparency and accountability from the Provincial, Municipal down to Barangay and the community.

The DILG instituted its convergence mechanism to provide necessary support in the implementation of the Government’s programs and projects in the region, in particular DSWD KC-NCDDP.

The regional memorandum purposely aims to institutionalize the Community Driven Development (CDD) in Northern Mindanao.

Written by Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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KBP and DSWD X strengthen partnership in advocacy

Bukidnon- The KALAHI CIDSS- National Community Driven Development Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, established partnership with Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and Philippine Information Agency (PIA) here.

The partnership aims to continue the corroboration on the program’s impact to poor identified communities in Northern Mindanao which public advocacy initiatives like radio plugs or radio program play a vital role in the implementation of the program.

Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services or KALAHI-CIDSS National Community Driven Development Program (KC-NCDDP), anchors the program through Community Driven Development or CDD which aims empowered Communities where the poorest barangays are given access to and control of key development decisions and resources through community mobilization techniques.

It also aims at improving local governance which ensures that transparency, accountability and community participation are either installed or revitalized in the barangay and municipal government structures.

The KC-NCDDP also aims at reducing poverty where funding of barangay projects (public goods, community enterprise, and human resource development) improves access to basic services and increases productivity.

As an expansion of the program, there is an increase by 250% with 847 Municipalities. Targeting 19, 647 Barangays in 58 Provinces of 14 Regions with 5.4 million households.

To date, an a additional of 44 Municipalities in Northern Mindanao which comprises of Bukidnon-14, Lanao del Norte -6, Misamis Occidental-4 and Misamis Oriental-19.

Written by Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD

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A New Day in Waterlogged Community

Lanao del Norte — “Community Driven Development is the key that brings change and hope to our people in the Barangay, says Fermin P. Buray Chairman of Barangay Darumawang Bucana, Lala, this province.

Being one of the most populous barangay in the Municipality, most of the residents are engaged in fishing and trading. Because the entire barangay is an island, majority of the villagers are fishermen. “Sauna wala pa ang Kalahi CIDSS DFAT giabot sa among barangay, ang among mga anak kung mag eskewela, mo sakay pa sila ug bangka para lang maka abot didto sa mainland nga mga eskwelehan. In ani kalisud among kahimtang sauna (Before Kalahi-CIDSS DFAT was introduced to our community, all of the children ride a motorboat just to be able to arrive at the mainland schools. That is how difficult our life is)”, says community volunteer Divina.

The Coming of New Hope

In 2014 the Kalahi-CIDSS DFAT program was introduced to their community conveying the idea, method and approach. The barangay chairman was positive and abides to the concept towards the project. “Sa dihang gi presentar kanamo ang programa sa Kalahi-CIDSS DFAT, nalipay gayud mi ug dako kay nagatoo gayud kami nga mao kini ang tubag sa problema sa among komunidad (When Kalahi-CIDSS DFAT was presented to our Barangay, we were all glad, because we believed that these would be the solution of our community problems)”, Barangay Sub-Project Management Chairman Marlito Canton said.

Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services – (Kalahi-CIDSS) is a flagship anti-poverty program of the national government that empowers communities to be involved in development through community-driven development approach (CDD).

Spirit of Volunteerism

The program persuades individuals to be proactive in community sub projects implementation. “Nag pasalamat gayud mi nga naa mi kauban nga volunteer sama kang Marlito nga diin nahimo namo siya nga modelo sa among komunidad tungod sa iyang gipakita nga maayong buhat. Sama nalang sa pag sakripisyo niya sa among barangay, naghatag gayud siya ug taas nga oras ug panahon sa pag serbisyo (We are thankful that we had a fellow volunteer like Marlito, he is a good example in our society, because of his good deeds. He did some sacrifices, he gave enough time for community service), says Danilo Begontes, a fellow volunteer.

Marlito C. Canton was one of the active volunteers and became a role model to the other community volunteers. He was the regional finalist of Bayani Ka Awards in the category of Volunteerism.

Building Connection and Education

Today, Barangay Darumawang Bucana completed the School Building Classrooms with the project cost of P 1,572,252.00 and construction of concrete elevated foot path amounting to P 2,906,970.85. “Tungod sa Community Driven Development kami mga volunteers gitagaan ug dako nga katungod mo plano ug mo mopadagan sa kaugalingong financial. Masigarbuhon ug nalipay gayud kami nga dinhi sa among Barangay, napa semento na gayud namo ang among mga dalan-tulay nga sauna hinimo lang ug kawayan, Ug nalipay pud kaayo mi karon, labi na gayud kaming mga benepesaryo sa Pantawid Pamilya kay ang among mga anak dili na kailangan motabok ug mogasto ug mahal nga pamasahe aron lang makasakay ug bangka para mo eskwela, kay karon aduna na kami kaugalingon nga eskwelehan. Naka tawid na gayod kami sa kalisud sa pag eskwela (Because of the Community Driven Development Program, we volunteers were empowered to plan and to run on our own finances. We are so proud and overjoyed that in our Barangay, we already concreted the footbridge, that before it was only made of bamboo. And we are so happy, especially we the Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries our children will no longer pay a high or expensive fare to ride a motorboat in going to school, because now, we already have our own school buildings. We surpass the burden in sending our children in school”, says, Barangay Kagawad Mary Jane Marata ” we are empowered now”, she added.

Written by: Luis T. Arquiza, DSWD X

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