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ARDA Borres (left) with RD Ramos (right end) awards the Most Child-Friendly Municipality to Sapang Dalaga Misamis Occidental (Photo courtesy of Jamila Taha, DSWD-10)

El Salvador City, and the municipalities of Baloi and Kolambugan,  Lanao del Norte, and Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental recently received the recognition as most child-friendly cities and municipalities in Northern Mindanao for 2015.

The municipality of Baloi receives the Most Child-Friendly Municipality as awarded by DSWD and DILG. In photos from left ARDO Dela Cruz, ARDA Borres, DILG Lanao del Norte, MSWDO of Baloi, Mr. Alexander Ali representing LGU of Baloi and RD Ramos (Photo courtesy of Jamila Taha, DSWD-10)

This was awarded by the Council for the Welfare of Children, Department of Interior and Local Governance, and Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The city and the four municipalities have also received P50,000.00 each as part of their recognition from the Council for the Welfare of Children in providing an atmosphere for children where their rights are respected and freely exercised.

The development of the said recognition was spearheaded by the DILG in partnership with the CWC and the DSWD of which its criteria is based on evaluating the local government unit’s child’s rights-based programs.

The search for child-friendly cities and municipalities is an annual activity implemented by the three institutions to uplift the rights of Filipino children across the nation.

Written by Charmaine P. Tadlas, DSWD

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Photo Release

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Alcantar, PDO II, DSWD-10

In this photo is Mr. Ramel Babaran, one of the 29 beneficiaries who completed the Shielded Metal Arc Welding or SMAW skills training supported by the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP).

With Brilliant Gem Technical School as the program implementing partner, the beneficiaries receives a full course and hands-on training on SMAW, free of charge as assisted by the SLP.

The same numbers of beneficiaries obtain a National Certificate II after passing the assessment administered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA on January 16, 2017.

The SLP is a multi-stakeholder program of the department that aims to improve the standard of living of poor households by facilitating opportunities for development and management of resources viable for micro-enterprises, community empowerment through skills trainings and employment facilitation. The provision of Technical/Vocational Skills Training is one of the modalities of the program to improve the employable skills of beneficiaries.


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#1MBatangMalaya Campaign

Makiisa tayo sa #1MBatangMalaya campaign para sugpuin ang child labor… Abangan ngayong January 12, 2017, kung papaano.
“One with Children Ending Child Labor”.

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DSWD worker is CSC’s 2016 Outstanding Public Official and employee

Cagayan de Oro City — The Civil Service Commission (CSC) recently conferred the 2016 Outstanding Public Officials and Employees (Dangal ng Bayan) Award to Sonia Ipang, Social Welfare Officer III of DSWD Field Office 10 and the head of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth (RRCY) in Gingoog City, in a ceremony held in Heroes Hall of Malacanang.

Hero of Northern Mindanao. Sonia E. Ipang (second from right), Social Wefare Officer III and head of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth of DSWD Field Office 10 is this year’s recipient of Civil Service Commission Outstanding Public Official and Employee (Dangal ng Bayan) Award.. Also on photo (from left): DSWD Field Office 10 Assistant Regional Director for Administration Manuel M. Borres, DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, and Sonia’s husband Erleen. (DSWD Photo)

President Rodrigo R. Duterte, CSC Chair Alice Bala, and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales bestowed the award to Ipang. She also received the gold gilded trophy and P200,000 cash from the Central Bank of the Philippines.

President Rodrigo Duterte, CSC Chair Alice Bala, and Ombudsman Carpio- Morales present the award in a ceremony at the Heroes Hall of Malacanang. (RTVM Photo)

As an awardee, Ipang will be automatically promoted to a one step higher rank as per provision under the Republic Act 6713, an act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, to uphold the time-honored principle of public office being a public trust, granting incentives and rewards for exemplary service, enumerating prohibited acts and transactions and providing penalities for violation thereof and for other purposes.

The Dangal ng Bayan Award is conferred by the CSC to an individual for performance of extraordinary act or public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior on the basis of his/her observance of the eight norms of behavior provided for under RA 6713: commitment to public interest, professionalism, justness and sincerity, political neutrality, responsiveness to the public, nationalism and patriotism, commitment to democracy, and simple living.

DSWD Field Office 10 Regional Director, Nestor B. Ramos, said the recognition of Ipang serves as an inspiration to all workers of DSWD in Northern Mindanao.

“She is the pride of DSWD and Northern Mindanao. I hope workers will emulate her great dedication and commitment to our agency, clientele, and country,” said Ramos.

Ipang received the award for her passion and diligence in taking care of the children in conflict with the law (CICL). Under her watch, the RRCY in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental taught residents to become more responsible through engagement in livelihood opportunities such as crafts making and backyard farming, and activities such as sports fests and educational trips.

Compassion, care, and dignity

Child protection is an important part of the work of a staff of the RRCY. That is why implementing child protection programs are now strictly observed inside the center. With this, Miss Ipang, as a social worker, ensured that vulnerable children are protected, to the best of her ability, wherever they are.

Free from discrimination, she treated the CICLs with compassion, care, dignity, and understanding who are undergoing rehabilitation inside the DSWD-run center.

To address issues and concerns RRCY were facing, Ipang implemented some programs at the center and made it to a point to all her colleagues that they are working as a team. She advocates for improved laws, policies, and systems in the center to realize and achieve the goal of RRCY which is the rehabilitation of clients.

This happened when Ipang was sent to a training in Cebu on Therapeutic Community. She applied her learnings from the training and re-echoed all her learnings to her co-workers through an orientation. This paved the way for the implementation of programs and services at the center which involved both staff and clients. Such implementation is geared towards improving and changing the atmosphere of the center and the rehabilitation efforts as well.

She amplified the implementation with the several learnings from trainings she attended relative to handling difficult behavior of the CICLs. This resulted in the gradual improvement of the behavior of the children clients inside the center. Each client embraced the changes, thereby making them believers of peace, love, and understanding. There are no more reported conflicts among clients within the center.

The continuous pursuit of excellent performance is Ipang’s mantra in serving the clients at the center. As it is, she was promoted as center head in 2004 and assumed office in 2005. Her first month was quite difficult.

As a newly-hired center head, for a while, she performed two functions: a center head and a case manager/social worker since the social worker position was vacant at that time and filling up the position was still on screening process. Her multi-tasking performance declined when DSWD hired another social worker in 2007.

With her expertise, all problems and difficult situations arising and encountered by the staff and by the center were addressed. Change has come, from being unattractive, offensive, and dilapidated buildings of the center to becoming a Center of Excellence after passing and maintaining the accreditation of the Standards Bureau of DSWD. As Level III accredited center, RRCY has become a world standard in providing rehabilitation to CICLs.

The Protective Services Unit of DSWD which directs and manages center heads are well aware of the personal contributions of Ipang in making the center free from children’s conflicts, vandalism, and vices among CICLs.

Rosemarie Conde, PSU head, disclosed that Ipang would immediately find solutions and resolve complex problems, a rare and enviable ability in center heads now.

“She always innovates and closely work with her colleagues, inspiring and encouraging them to work as a team. She has greatly contributed to the development of the center and the total rehabilitation of the children as a center head and as a mother to all in the center,” added Conde.

The mother image resonates throughout the center that resulted in more productive and valuable clients. One of the examples is the client Rustie Quintana. Quintana, after undergoing formation and rehabilitation at the center was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Youth of the Philippines. No less than the former President Benigno S. Aquino III handed the award to Mr. Quintana.

Committed and dedicated

For the last three years, there have been significant transformations of RRCY under the leadership of Ipang. Her hardwork and perseverance in running the center of DSWD has been enormous that DSWD officials, through former Regional Director Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo and current RD Nestor Briones Ramos, exerted and all out support to the programs and services implemented at RRCY.

From the dilapidated building to new and more buildings, Ipang commits to giving excellent service to the clients. She also repaired and renovated some RRCY facilities and amenities to pave the way for a conducive rehabilitation center for CICLs. This include the construction of as new building which now serves as the administration building of the center, making the homelife area safe and spacious for the residents to live in,  completing the guest house.

The extension area of the administration building now serves as the venue for learning like the conduct of skills training, lectures, meetings, and many other purposes.

Based on PSU’s observation, RRCY has tremendously evolved from a mere stop-over of CICLs to a world class rehabilitation center. Ipang has contributed  to the over- all impact of the center’s  operation and achievement as Level III accredited center.

Resource Generation

Ipang mobilized resources for the completion of the second floor of the administration building. The Department of Public Works and Highways based in Gingoog City pledged for its construction and completion of a building, involving the total amount of P2 million. She has inked a memorandum of understanding for its completion.

In addition, DSWD hired good and competent staff assigned at the center that complements Ipang’s quest for transformation of the center and processing the lives of the residents. They comprise the team in providing wholistic approach to the residents.

They still use and apply the therapeutic community and milleu therapy as part of the approaches of the staff in dealing the multi-faceted problems of the residents. These approaches have contributed to the zero to two percent performance as far as abscondence of wards is concerned. Abscondence is an act of clients of the center leaving without permission. This is a clear indication that residents have been enjoying the quality of care bestowed upon them by the staff, thereby making them comfortable, safe, and secured.

Recognition and commendation

RRCY under Ipang’s received commendations from DSWD Central Office for attaining the highest standard of accreditation, the Level Three (3) or as a center of excellence. The said accreditation was made in December 2015.

The commitment for excellent service to the clients never ends with the recognition and honor received. Ipang and the rest of the staff maintained the level of excellence. In November 2016, The Standards Bureau of DSWD monitored and assessed the recent operation of RRCY and it found out that the center has maintained it world class quality of service and programs to the clients.

“The strong leadership of Ipang is evident and this could be attributed to her over-all performance as the center manager, garnering an outstanding performance over and above other centers/ facilities run and managed by DSWD Field Office 10,” said Assistant Regional Director for Administration, Manuel M. Borres.

Borres added that RRCY-10 stands as one of the most  prestigious centers in the Philippines, a facility which can be called a social laboratory where private organizations, non-governmental organizations and government organizations will look upon for possible replication.

Moreover, case management process and records keeping are well-organized and monitored. The intervention program of each resident is based on their psycho-social needs thereby rehabilitation of CICLs admitted in the facility.


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November 25 to December 12 is the 18-Day Campaign To End Violence Against Women
Theme: “VAW-free community starts with Me”


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Photo Release: Entrepreneurs in the Making


Sairah M. Lando (left) pays their rice supplier (middle) with the assistance of Hesham Mackno (right), the SLP Project Development Officer in Bacolod, Lanao del Norte (Photo by Hesham Mackno)

A group of beneficiaries from Bacolod Lanao del Norte opens a rice retailing business through the assistance of the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Sustainable Livelihood Program. Having thirty (30) members, the Delabayan West Association received the amount of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (P150,000.00) as capital assistance to start their business placed in Barangay West Delabayan.

This project was particularly identified by the group after going through several social preparation activities, basic micro-enterprise management training and other related skills training, also considering the geographical location and market demand for rice in their area.

“Nagpasalamat jud ‘mi nga naa na’mi negosyo diri sa amoa kay dili na’mi kinahanglan motugbong sa lungsod aron mamalit (we are truly grateful to be able to establish this business in our place because we need not go downtown to purchase goods)”, says Sairah M. Lando, beneficiary.

The Sustainable Livelihood Program is a multi-stakeholder program of the department that aims to improve the standard of living of poor households by facilitating opportunities for development and management of resources viable for micro-enterprises, community empowerment through skills trainings and employment facilitation.

Written by Jamila M. Taha, DSWD

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FEATURE: From bullied to advocate of friendship: A story of Sheena Desire Abuzo

Mambajao, Camiguin — Analou Abuzo got very worried when she saw her daughter Sheena arrived home from school crying. Thinking one of the teachers might have scolded her daughter, she comforted her.


Shaking and holding on to her mother so tight, the seven year old second grader begged her mother that she did not want to go to school anymore.

Her loss of interest in going to school and loss in self-confidence was the result of her being bullied and discriminated, being called as “not pretty” and “poor”.

“I was told that they (classmates) didn’t want to be friends with me because I was not pretty and that I wasn’t rich like them,” Sheena shared, now 13 years old and a Grade 8 student of Tupsan National High School here.

Sheena disclosed that she was glad she told her parents about her being bullied and discriminated in school, saying that things might have gone worse. She said that her parents were very supportive to her and have helped her become who she is now.

“My parents have taught me the value of forgiveness. My mother taught me to forgive my classmates and do away with revenge,” she said.

Today, the 8th-grader is speaking out, campaigning against bullying in schools. She knows how bullying affects a child and how it destroys someone’s confidence towards themselves. She has seen the negative effects of bullying and discrimination and how it can ruin one’s ambition in life if not surpassed and without proper guidance from the parents.

“I am calling everyone to stand strong and brave for those who are bullied. They sshould immediately report any incidents of bullying to their parents and school officials,” she said.

Sheena is the eldest among the three children of Analou and Ralph of this island born of fire, Camiguin.


Valuing for love, friendship, and education

Sheena has always appreciated her home where she is nurtured with love and God-fearing environment by her parents.

Despite the meager income of her parents, she continues to enjoy the support she receives from her parents for her education.

In fact, after she was bullied, she took heed the advice of her parents by not allowing hatred to dwell in her mind and heart for it can lead to think revenge.

Years later, Sheena had become close friends with her classmates who bullied and discriminated her as she claimed that friendship is more important than childish quarrels.

Sheena’s father is a skilled wielder and works as a construction worker on an occasional basis. The meager income of his father is enough for the family’s day-to-day consumption needs. As it is, finds extra income from fishing during weekends to support Sheena’s and her younger brother’s educational needs before they were put under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

As disclosed by her mother, Sheena already showed much willingness and interest in going to school. As it is, she was enrolled at a day care center in here at the age of 3.

With that, her mother complemented the efforts to her husband to support the Abuzo siblings in their endeavor to be in school.

“It is our way of expressing our love, and setting them the example that we really should value education so that our children can fulfill their dreams,” said Analou.

Analou used to work as baby sitter for four years to augment the income of her husband. She stopped working when she got pregnant of her third child.


Active in school and community

Sheena recovered fast from the ill effects of bullying and discrimination due to the constant guidance of her parents and the augmentation from school authorities.

Who used to be timid now gained self confidence in dealing with herself and others.

This resulted to her superb performance in school, academically and in extra-curricular activities.

She finished her kindergarten formation as Valedictorian. She maintained this academic excellence in her elementary years where she finished Salutatorian.

Now, she earns excellent grades in her high school.

Her academic life is balanced with extra-curricular activities where she joined in several organizations and groups since her elementary years up to this writing.

Her busy schedule with the groups and organizations had paved the way for her to improve much in public speaking and boosting more of her self-confidence as well as in all aspects of her personality.

From there, she discovered here talent in broadcasting that influenced much her ambition and that also made her caught the attention and love of her teachers, mentors, and friends.

She is also very participative in the school activities like a variety show dubbed as Kalandrakas, Sayawit, Nutri Jingles, among others.


Responsible and disciplined

Along with Sheena’s achievements; she is still known to be a sweet, kind, and obedient child as she was raised by her parents with proper values and discipline.

At a very young age, she was already trained in doing simple household chores. She also learned the responsibilities of being the eldest in the family by helping her parents and her siblings, especially in aiding the school assignment of her younger brother.

Living to her advocacy, when she won the Regional Search for Exemplary Child in Northern Mindanao eliminations, Sheena openly discussed her advocacy to her fellow grantees of Pantawid Pamilya to religiously follow the conditionalities of the program, aside from urging her fellow grantees to reach for their dreams by finishing their studies.

Sheena dreamed of becoming a doctor someday. But, she didn’t want it to remain just as a dream. Thus, she is striving hard in her studies to attain that dream because of her passion to help the poor and the needy.

She also dreamed of becoming a newscaster, idolizing Ted Failon. She claimed she wanted to deliver the truth and convey information among people around the country.

Sheena considered a big part of her success to the opportunity given by DSWD through Pantawid Pamilya. She promised to make use of the program to further develop herself, make some positive changes in her family and in the community.


Written by Oliver Badel Inodeo, DSWD Field Office 10

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Photo Release: World Bank checks implementation of Pantawid Pamilya

MONITORING VISIT. Representatives of the Social Welfare and Development Reform Project-World Bank monitors the implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development such as this during the payout of cash grants to beneficiaries in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. They also check the effectiveness and efficiency of the program implementation during the conduct of Family Development Session in Poblacion, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. Photos by Buena Rafer, CVS Focal, Pantawid Pamilya, DSWD Field Office 10.


Joy Lim Zuson (in violet shirt), Finance Analyst III of Pantawid Pamilya, DSWD Field Office 10 explains to World Bank representatives the system for releasing cash grants to beneficiaries during pay-outs.

World Bank representatives discuss their findings of monitoring with the members of the Municipal Action Team of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental while DSWD Field Office 10 Director Nestor Briones Ramos (third from left) listens.

World Bank representatives discuss their findings of monitoring with the members of the Municipal Action Team of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental while DSWD Field Office 10 Director Nestor Briones Ramos (fourth from left) listens.


World Bank representatives check the educational facilities of the Tagoloan National High School, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental.


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