Samantha Shannel L. Aque
4Ps Beneficiary
14 years old
Grade 9 Onyx
Aloran Trade High School Aloran, Misamis Occidental

I consider myself as an exemplary child of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) because I strive despite life’s hardships.

Samantha Shannel Aque is Northern Mindanao’s 4Ps Exemplary Child.

I excel in my studies to achieve my dreams, which shimmer like stars upon attainment.

My dream is to finish my education, secure a good job, lift my family out of poverty, and help those in need, especially fellow students with big dreams but lacking sufficient means to pursue them.

I come from a humble background, yet my life is rich with love, education, care, and support from my family.

My father is a driver with meager earnings insufficient to meet our daily needs.

While my mother has no permanent job, earning from occasional house cleaning, babysitting, and laundry work.

Samantha Shannel (right) exchanges pleasure with her parents during a meal.

Our lives became even more challenging during the pandemic, as my father’s income dwindled due to limited opportunities.

But despite that, he remains diligent in his work.

Though his earnings are meager, we remain steadfast, knowing that the Lord will not forsake us.

We manage with my father’s earnings, sometimes falling short due to the high cost of living.

Despite the trials in our lives, my two siblings managed to graduate from college with honors.

This was possible through the support of the 4Ps, the hard work of my parents, and, most importantly, by the grace of God.

I truly feel blessed because God has given me parents who are not only loving but also nurturing and supportive.

Since we don’t have vast land to inherit, our parents always emphasize that education is the only legacy they can leave us.

So, I work hard to excel in my studies, aiming for high grades to repay my parents’ sacrifices.

Despite our financial struggles, my siblings’ graduation from college serves as an inspiration for me to persevere.

Besides excelling academically, I also strive to strengthen my relationship with God.

As an exemplary child of 4Ps, I value the opportunity provided by the program to achieve my dreams.

I am deeply grateful and indebted to 4Ps for being a bridge in my journey towards realizing my aspirations.

For fellow students in similar situations, let’s not succumb to poverty and despair; instead, let’s strive, persevere, and learn how to overcome the challenges we face. This is my advocacy as a student representative and for the entire school community.

Samantha Shannel excels in all her academic activities.

The 4Ps has lightened our lives since we became beneficiaries.

It has made seemingly impossible dreams attainable for those of us struggling in life.

The Pantawid Pamilya program is not just a program but a divine gift to aid the most needy – families who aspire not only for their children’s education but also to uplift themselves from poverty and help others.

So, I am diligent in my studies, believing that one day, with God’s help, I will succeed.

I became determined to achieve my dreams when I realized the truth my parents tried to shield from me.

They never let us feel poor but rather, “poorer.”

This reality molded me to be resilient and grateful for everything we have.

Through my parents’ perseverance, 4Ps support, and God’s grace, my two siblings graduated from college.

Now, we are determined to send another sibling through college.

Indeed, perseverance and determination will lead us to a brighter future.

The challenges and failures we face only redirect us because they don’t determine our destination.

Many things have changed in our lives, and along with them, are lessons I’ll never forget.

I’ll use these lessons in my daily struggles towards achieving my desired success.

With God’s help and 4Ps support, I am confident in achieving my dreams.

Not just for myself but for my parents who never lacked in love and support since my childhood.

I will be an inspiration to those like me.

In all I’ve achieved and learned, whether in school or in the community, resilience in facing life’s challenges is what I value most.

In fact, our trials have strengthened our resolve.

As a child of loving and brave parents, they inspire me to be determined in achieving my life goals.

They are the foundation of my perseverance in all things because they taught me to be brave in life.

I am resilient in all things because I know I have someone to turn to in times of hardship, my parents and our Heavenly Father.

Being resilient is not just because I want to prove something but because I want to rise above poverty.

I truly believe that poverty pushes people to do extraordinary things, so we are deeply grateful to God for using Pantawid Pamilya to lighten our lives.

My aspiration to finish my education is taken seriously, focusing on it because I believe education is the best investment for a secure future.

Without perseverance and determination, we will surely remain where we are.

So, we must all be resilient in life even when hope seems lost.

Let’s always remember that problems are temporary and will pass.

If we have a heart that desires to repay our parents and rise from poverty, then we will surely all have a bright future.

Where no one suffers or cries because of needs.

We will be resilient to whatever challenges we face because we have goals in life.

As an exemplary student and a contributor to society, resilience will lead us to a brighter future.

And when we reach our destination, we will be even braver because we’ve overcome and faced the challenges on the road to progress.