DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista and DSWD Field Office X Regional Director Mari-Flor Dollaga unveil the agency’s Citizen’s Charter Interactive Digital Kiosk on March 25, 2022. 

During the celebration of the DSWD’s 71st founding anniversary at the Field Office X, Sec. Bautista expressed his appreciation for this unique initiative. He recommended that the rest of the agency’s field offices must adopt such a novel idea.

As part of the digitalization initiatives of RD Flo, the said interactive kiosk sits at the gate of the Field Office X. She spearheaded its accomplishment, citing how it can help broadcast relevant information on the agency’s frontline services to its beneficiaries and partner agencies.

“Bridging the communication gap between our target stakeholders and the agency is crucial in the fruitful implementation of the DSWD’s programs and services. With this interactive kiosk, a better understanding of the step-by-step procedures, processing time, and fees for the requested services are attainable,” RD Flo said.

Geared toward promoting transparency and standardization, RD Flo maximized the skills of the Field Office X staff to help realize this fresh idea. Along with the current Learning and Development Unit workforce headed by Ms. Mary Christine Leyva, former L&D Staff Ms. Martesha Maive C. Veloso, and Ms. Rose Cherry V. Ruiz helped keep the Citizen’s Charter updated. 

With Mr. Clark Solarte as the lead programmer, the Information and Communications Technology Management Service (ICTMS) crafted a user-friendly and intuitive software program for the Citizen’s Charter. Constant updates on the software are implemented as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) process owners submit restructured versions of their respective services. From the landing page down to the rest of the pages, the Social Marketing Unit captured the necessary photo documentation for each program and service.

In order to translate RD Flo’s idea into a tangible outcome, Mr. Regan Azuelo and Mr. Roniel Tabar of the ICTMS identified the specifications of the electronic interactive kiosk. Led by the Procurement Unit, Ms. Mary Christine Leyva, Ms. Nolanie Perocha, and Mr. Roniel Tabar made sure to find the best suppliers for the hardware of the said stall. 

Headed by the Administrative Division, Engr. Abubakar Tocalo and Mr. Alfredo Aguilar III oversaw the construction of the kiosk. 

With Mr. Clark Solarte, Ms. Rose Cherry V. Ruiz, and Mr. Manuel Pablo C. Tonido as the resource speakers, key personnel from each division also underwent a short orientation on the user interface of the Citizen’s Charter Interactive Digital Kiosk. 

“To further cater to our target beneficiaries, this interactive kiosk also features the step-by-step processes in Cebuano– a key step in reaching out to our clients in need in Region X,” RD Flo said.