More and more individuals have been served with the DSWD’s Food for Work Program as the Department’s relief efforts for Task Force Yolanda gears up on its 3rd week of operations.

The Food for Work Program is intended to aid victims of Typhoon Yolanda all over affected areas in Region 8 in exchange for services they would render in aid of the relief efforts for Region 8. Individuals could either work as family food packers, laborers, and/or Operations Hub helpers.

In exchange for their services, individuals are paid with family food and rice packs. Volunteers consider the payment crucial for their family’s survival especially that the situation they are in after Yolanda hit has left them with literally nothing.

Jun (not his real name) has been working as a laborer at the Task Force Yolanda Main Hub for 4 days now. He is seen transferring from one delivery truck to another, loading or unloading relief goods and donations. Jun is a resident of Dulag, Leyte, one of the municipalities hit by Typhoon Yolanda.

“Naguba among balay tungod ni Yolanda. Nianhi mi sa Tacloban City para magpuyo uban akong igsoon para mas duol mi sa pagpanghatag sa relief kay layo man ang Dulag”, Jun said. (Our home was damaged when Yolanda hit. We then transferred to Tacloban City and lived with my brother to ensure that we will be able to receive relief, fearing we won’t be able to receive relief in Dulag because of the distance).

Jun thanks DSWD for the opportunity of being part of the Food for Work Program because with the program, he is able to ensure that food for his family is served every mealtime. He is sure that if he stayed in Dulag, their condition would be uncertain because of the circumstances there. He said that as long as the program is available, he will never get tired of volunteering; carrying goods under the heat of the sun, or under rainy skies.

The Food for Work Program will continue to provide for victims of Typhoon Yolanda, as long as relief operations are on-going. Cash for Work will be at full speed again tomorrow with the arrival of more goods to be repacked, prepared for further distribution of food and rice packs to the different cities and municipalities devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

Written by Marko Davey Dolotina Reyes, DSWD