Mr. Lino Cabanlit with Mr. Ramonito Liwanag, MPDO of Lala and DSWD regional staffs Norman Pacturanan, Special Projects Focal and Lanny Raras, SLP Provincial Coordinator for Lanao Cluster 2 (Photo by Jamila Taha)

Mr. Lino Cabanlit, father of the deceased SAF 44 member PO2 Godofredo Cabanlit, accepts DSWD’s livelihood assistance amounting to 300,000 pesos, on June 16, in the the municipal hall of Lala, Lanao del Norte.

In witness thereof on behalf of the LGU is Mr. Ramonito Liwanag the Municipal Planning Development Officer, along with representatives from Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, DSWD regional office represented by Mr. Norman Pacturanan, Special Projects Focal for Sustainable Livelihood Program with Municipal Convergence Staffs.

The assistance is part of the continuing aid of the government to the remained families of SAF 44. The assistance aims to provide livelihood support to the families based on their requested livelihood project.

Mr. Cabanlit expresses his gratitude to DSWD and promises to realize his project in memory of his son.

Mr. Cabanlit project includes funding of Dried Fish Dealing, a business originally planned by his deceased son.

Written by: Jamila M. Taha, DSWD