Barangay officials and the local officials of LGU Claveria convened to discuss about KALAHI-CIDSS’ Kapangyarihan at Kaunlaran sa Barangay Cash-for-Work (KKB CFW) modality, Sept. 29, 2022.

24 barangays will implement their priority sub-projects or cash-for-work schemes following the community-driven development (CDD) strategy.

The KKB CFW aims to help communities address their development needs in the context of the new normal and disaster resilience.

Out of the Rapid Disaster Analysis and Needs Assessment (RDANA) of barangays will come out top priorities, whether infrastructure needs or temporary employment within KKB CFW’s three-month implementation.

Claveria Mayor Meraluna Salvaleon-Abrogar, who presided over the meeting, reminded barangays of the strict adherence to the eligibility of sub-projects or CFW beneficiaries.

Claveria has a municipal grant allocation worth 20 million. Each barangay receives funding using a criteria based on population and poverty incidence.

The KKB CFW is an opportunity to enhance stakeholders participation in local development to recover from the economic shocks of the pandemic and other natural or human-induced disasters.