General Santos City – Representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office X participated in the National User’s Training for the Integrated Grievance Redress Management System (IGRMS) pilot implementation. This significant event brought together delegates from five regions within the Mindanao Cluster.

The training aimed to consolidate all existing grievance systems within the Department into a unified platform. This integration is expected to streamline complaint monitoring, facilitate systematic resolutions, and generate comprehensive data to inform policy and program development.

Director Clarissa Lara A. Duran of the Agency Operations Service spearheaded the activity, presenting guidelines and procedures for using IGRMS. Additionally, highly skilled and knowledgeable resource persons from the DSWD Central Office ensured the training was informative and valuable.

Assistant Secretary for External Assistance and Development, and Project Manager of BFIRST, Juan Carlo V. Marquez, alongside Regional Director Loreto V. Cabaya Jr. of the host region, Region XII, welcomed participants with insightful and encouraging messages.

Participants engaged in hands-on simulations of the IGRMS application to assess the user experience. Enhancements in user interface and functionality are anticipated to encourage public use of the system.

Field Office 10 representatives fully engaged in hands-on training during the workshop, utilizing the IGRMS.

Each regional delegation provided valuable observations and recommendations for further refinement of the system, reflecting a collaborative effort to optimize IGRMS.

Acknowledging that IGRMS is still under development, the Department is committed to continuous review, utilization, and feedback incorporation to enhance the system’s effectiveness.

IGRMS represents the Department’s response to the government’s push for digitalization. By offering the public an accessible platform to voice their concerns, DSWD is poised to deliver prompt and efficient resolutions.