It started as a dream.

Determination, perseverance, and sacrifices fuel achieving a dream business for a 4Ps household in Barangay Mamalad, Calamba, Misamis Occidental.

Amarcy Tagalogon is married to a driver of motor-for-hire, locally known as habal-habal.

The Tagalogon couple tends to their sow, which produces piglets that they raise and ultimately butcher.

The couple worked together for additional income for their family, such as hog fattening, copra buy and sell, and opening a sari-sari store. 

The Tagalogon couple has three children. 

Amarcy is very active in any activities in the barangay. She is a former Barangay Councilor of Barangay Mamalad for two consecutive terms. Also, she has been a parent leader for five years since 2011.

Meanwhile, her husband leads the family in raising several heads of swine and buying and selling copra.

The couple’s business ventures continued to grow. They saved money in building a new elegant concrete house, bought a dump truck for their copra business, and an extension of the pig pens to cater to more heads of swine.

Presently, the family has 42 swine on their farm.

Amarcy said the program contributed so much help for their family in terms of financial matters. 

Before their business success, Amarcy said the program played a vital role in sustaining their family’s basic needs and the educational needs of their child attending school. 

She said her family used the cash wisely. She spent the grants on their family’s basic needs, including their children’s educational needs in school.

She looks forward to her children looking for an excellent job after graduating to help the family. 

“God answered her prayer that our business will become progressive. I am very thankful to the Almighty for the opportunity given to us. It’s a big help to our family,” she said.

She said the 4Ps helped them achieve their dreams.

“The program’s Family Development Session taught us to save, manage, and spend money wisely,” said Amarcy.

“It’s a choice on how we make our life worth it. Being poor is not a choice, but if we work for it through determination and willingness to pursue even in the most distressing moment of conquering our fear, we will be successful,” she said.