The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office X (DSWD FO X) honors those lives lost to AIDS through a Candlelight Memorial in commemoration of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2024, under the theme: “Put Together First: Kandila ng Pagkalinga, Liwanag ng Pag-asa.”

This event serves not only to remember those who have died from AIDS but also to honor individuals dedicated to supporting people living with and affected by HIV. It aims to mobilize communities in solidarity and inspire collective action.

The activity was led by Regional Director Ramel F. Jamen, alongside Assistant Regional Director for Operations Ronald Ryan R. Cui, Assistant Regional Director for Administration Salmah M. Basher, and the staff of the field office.

Through this memorial, DSWD FO X hopes to encourage countless individuals living with HIV and AIDS to bring the issue into the light, urging communities and national leaders to foster support and take action. The event also underscores the vital role of civil society in HIV treatment, prevention, care, and support.

DSWD FO X provides financial assistance to Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) as part of its psychosocial care and support services. This includes transportation assistance, medical assistance for hospital bills, medicines or assistive devices, laboratory fees, funeral assistance, educational assistance, food assistance, and cash relief assistance.

These services aim to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on affected individuals and their families, ensuring their well-being and contributing to the national response to HIV and AIDS.