Raising a child is no easy feat.

For solo parents, navigating this journey alone amplifies the challenges they face.

As the Igbo and Yoruba Proverb aptly states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

But amidst the struggles lie stories of resilience and love, especially during the inaugural celebration of Solo Parent’s Week across the Philippines.

Rachel Diaz Campos, a 4Ps Administrative Officer II, and solo parent shares her thoughts on the trials and triumphs of single parenthood:

Rachel D. Campos, 4Ps Regional Program Management Office Administrative Officer II, and solo parent, diligently processes incoming documents from five provinces in Northern Mindanao, ensuring prompt handling.

Challenges in Raising a Family Alone:

“I face several challenges in raising my children alone. Without a partner, financial difficulties become prominent.

Meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, and school fees becomes a constant struggle. Sacrifices are a daily occurrence, often leading to emotional stress and anxiety.

However, I rely on the support of my parents and siblings and my faith in God to cope with and maintain my well-being. Prayer is my solace, seeking enlightenment and guidance from a higher power.”

Overcoming Challenges:

“I overcome these challenges by facing them head-on and staying resilient, anchored in my faith.”

Advice to Fellow Solo Parents:

“Never tire. Keep fighting. Love your job. Remember, we have God as our refuge and strength.”

The Republic Act 11861, or the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act, designates the third week and third Saturday of April as Solo Parents Week and National Solo Parents Day, respectively, to honor the pivotal role of every solo parent in the Philippines.