Who would think regular attendance to Family Development Sessions (FDS) and skills training would become a secret for improving the life of a family in Sinacaban town, Misamis Occidental, who is struggling to make ends meet?

Thirteen years ago, Elsie and Dante Bermil, parents to Dave, Dove, and Destiny, found themselves grappling with financial instability.

With meager earnings as farm tenants and from selling Filipino desserts, every day is always a challenge for the Bermil Family for their sustenance. 

However, their determination led them to seek additional sources of income and alternative ways to improve their financial situation.

Commitment to Change

Undeterred by their circumstances, the Bermil Family committed to 4Ps workers to augment their income after learning insights from attending the monthly FDS regularly.

From financial literacy to disaster preparedness, the Bermil Family continuously applies what they have learned to improve their well-being. 

With this, Elsie explored her business prospects by undergoing skills training with the Sustainable Livelihood Program for her kakanin business.

Elsie and Dante Bermil wrap the suman malagkit (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes) with the banana leaf before delivering it to their outlets.

Elsie borrowed seed capital to expand her business in Sinacaban. This paved the way for her socio-economic development.

Her kakanin business is now one of Sinacaban’s best products.

The steamed rice cakes of the Bermill Family are one of the best delicacies of Sinacaban, Misamis Oriental.

Also, the family availed themselves of swine raising, which helped them earn more income.

Fast forward to the present, the Bermil Family is a testament to the program’s impact on their lives. 

The family’s financial status has significantly improved as Elsie has gained skills in bread and pastry making and has become an SLP program participant, a way to receive additional capital for her kakanin business. 

Meanwhile, Elsie’s husband, Dante, used to work with the Department of Public Works and Highways under the Trabahong Lansangan Program. He is now a foreman in a private construction firm.

The opportunity provides a stable income for the family.

Elsie and Dante acquired valuable knowledge and skills from the 4Ps program interventions. 

Commitment to education

The Bermil Family did not stop exerting more effort to improve their well-being. The couple send their children to school.

Their eldest, Dave, has completed college and is now financially supporting the family. 

The second child, Dove, is pursuing a degree in Accountancy at Mindanao State University General Santos, while Destiny is a consistent honor student in Grade 8.

The family slowly reaps the fruit of their investment in education now, and the couple expected 

Commitment to the community

The Bermil Family extends their success beyond the household by actively participating in community activities promoting empowerment. 

Through the FDS, the program engaged both parents in clean-up drives, community assemblies, and other initiatives that strengthen the bonds of community, family, and individual well-being.

Elsie served as a Barangay Health Worker and was crucial during the pandemic. 

Monitoring the health conditions of individuals entering their town, she identified and reported symptoms, contributing to the community’s overall health. 

As a parent leader in Poblacion, she has become a role model within the 4Ps community.

The Bermil Family’s journey reflects the transformative power of the 4Ps program. 

With newfound stability, education, and community engagement, they are a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges. 

Elsie states, “The 4Ps program indeed has a big impact on our family because the programs help improve our living conditions.”

The family continues to pray for their children’s success and remains dedicated to contributing positively to their community.