The Saraos Family in Poblacion, Mahinog, Camiguin has defied financial hardships to see their children through education, demonstrating the transformative power of hard work and determination.

The Saraos Family with their new house and motorela. From left: Ruel, Elvi, and Ronaldo.

The father, Roldan, a hollow block maker, and mother, Elvi, formerly a housemaid, devoted their lives to raising three children in a modest home.

Ronaldo produces hundreds of hollow blocks daily.

The family’s financial struggles, with limited income allocated for daily expenses, meant sacrifices and challenges in providing quality education for their children.

Despite the difficulties, the father worked tirelessly day and night. At the same time, Elvi contributed her earnings from her time as a housemaid solely to the family’s needs and their children’s education.

Their inclusion in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in 2011 proved to be a turning point, offering much-needed financial assistance.

Elvi, the household’s grantee, actively participated in Family Development Sessions, gaining valuable insights into effective parenting, promoting education, and instilling positive discipline.

The education grant significantly supported their children’s needs, including uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and tuition fees.

The Saraos Family’s dedication bore fruit as they achieved a Level 3 status, indicating self-sufficiency without the program’s assistance.

The family’s success story is anchored in the academic accomplishments of their eldest, Arvie, who graduated with honors in Secondary Education.

Arvie’s graduation photo.

Arvie is currently part of the Government Internship Program at Mahinog Municipal Hall, with plans to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Arvie’s commitment to excellence stems from her responsibility as the eldest child, supporting her father in caring for her siblings during her mother’s time away from work.

Her determination to make her parents proud and set a positive example for her siblings fueled her academic success.

Rhea Fe, pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, and Ruel, studying Business Administration, continue to uphold the family’s values with impressive academic performances.

The Saraos parents eagerly await the day when Rhea and Ruel will proudly hold their college diplomas.

Elvie often emphasized the value of hard work and education in the family’s life, stating, “Ang akoang ginasulti sa ilaha nga ginamos og kamote ang perme genapakon sa amoang ginikanan sauna, maong naningkamot mi sa akoang bana nga mapaeskwela sila aron ilahang mga anak puhon makakaon og isda ug karne maong angay lamang nga sila magpursige sa ilahang pag eskwela.”

Elvi shows the coconut grater, her partner in cooking rice-based recipes. The coco milk is one of the major ingredients in rice delicacies.

The Saraos family’s journey reflects their achievements and the collective triumph of hard work, determination, and unwavering family support.

The positive outlook on life instilled by the parents has played a pivotal role in shaping their children’s success and contributing to the family’s overall well-being.